I am an emerging mixed media artist based in Adelaide. I am motivated by organic, natural and textural materials and empathise with the Japanese aesthetic Wabi-Sabi, appreciating beauty in things modest, imperfect, unconventional and  that nothing is permanent or ever finished.

I use stitch as a form of expression in articulating my interests in environmental and social justice issues. During the slow process of making, I aim to imbue some sense of this passion into my sculptural embroideries.

I primarily create three dimensional works with textiles, fibre, found objects and ephemera.  Using the guise of clothing and incorporating the provenance of materials, I aim for a visual allusion and emotional connection.

Since graduating with BVA in 2015, I have exhibited locally and have won two People's Choice awards.


2018 Jette Clover collage workshop for Fibre Arts Australia

2018    JMCoetzee Centre for Creative Practice Winter Workshop at historic Oratunga Station

2017    Masterclass 'Form Follows Fiction' with Michael Kutschbach at Adelaide                 Central  School of Art. 

2016    Workshop with Bridget Hillebrand Restructuring Books, Halls Gap,                Victoria.

2015    Graduated Bachelor of Visual Art (with distinction), Adelaide Central          School of Art.

2014    Associate Degree in Visual Art, Adelaide Central School of Art.

1975-77 Art and Craft Certificate Course, Marleston TAFE, SA.

1972    Foundation Course Epsom School of Art and Design, UK.

1970    Graduated as Midwife, (Top Student) Queen Victoria Hospital  Adelaide,   SA.

1969   Graduated Registered Nurse, Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA.


2019 Swatch SALA exhibition Fabrik,Lobethal

2019 Bowerbird Design Market,Wayville

2019 Gardens of the Heart Fabrik, Lobethal

2018 Just by Chance self curated exhibition, Ascot Gallery, Kadina, SA

2018 30 Days of Drawing part of The Big Draw, h.ART exhibition, Lobethal

2018 Connected Thread SALA h.Art exhibition,Lobethal

2018     In These Shoes  Fringe exhibition h.ART Group, Lobethal, SA

2018    Threads of Thought  Signal Point Gallery, Goolwa, SA

2017    The Suburban Version  ARI exhibition, Linden Park, SA

2017   Wish you Were  Here Adelaide Central  Gallery, Glenside, SA.

2017    A Bright and Savage Land  SALA h.ART group, Lobethal, SA.

2017    St Ignatius Art Show  SALA, Norwood, SA.

2017    WORDS   h.ART group Fringe, Lobethal, SA.

2016    Wish You Were Here , Adelaide Central  Gallery, Glenside, SA.

2016  Threads of Industry  h.ART group SALA , Lobethal, SA.

2016  Celebrating Country  self curated, + Dijana Komad, Ascot Gallery,Kadina, SA.

2015     Helpmann Academy End of Year Celebration, Adelaide.

2015 Wish You Were Here   Adelaide Central  Gallery, Glenside, SA.

2015  Call to Mind  self curated, with Janette Ireland, Belalie Gallery,                  Jamestown, SA.

2015   Provenance, Adelaide Central Gallery, Glenside,.

2015  Blankets Reimagined  hart group SALA , Lobethal, SA.

2015  Helpmann Academy Graduating Exhibition , Adelaide, SA.

2014  Breaking Silence  Graduating Exhibition, Adelaide Central School of Art, Glenside, SA.

2014   Wish you Were Here  Adelaide Central Gallery, Glenside, SA.

2014    Students 10 x 10 Exhibition, Rose Park, SA.

2013  St Ignatios Art Fair, Norwood, SA.

2012   Place and Space SALA group exhibition, ARI Space Space Gallery,  North Adelaide, SA.



2017     Finalist in City of Unley Active Aging Award as part of SALA

2015    People's Choice Award for 'Keeper of Memories' SALA h.art'Blankets           Reimagined'   exhibition

2015    People's Choice Award for 'Rug of Resilience' Helpmann Academy                  Graduate Exhibition



2019 Working with le Phun Theatre Group for 3 weeks making sculptural forms ‘leafies’ for Womadelaide Festival

2017    Contributed original book to The Sketchbook Project for The Brooklyn Art                   Library, NY.

2017    Created large scale, drawn and painted paper moths (local species) for the          Moth Migration Project, devised by Hilary Lorenz, for exhibition 'Cross    Pollination', 516 Arts, Albuquerque, NM.

2016   Assisting Sera Waters with stitching on rug for 'Sappers and Schrapnel'                exhibition at Art Gallery of South Australia

2016    Judge, Yorke Peninsula Art Show, Ardrossan, SA.

2014- FELT Space

2011    Service to Youth Council

2000-2010  Salem House (part of Catherine House for homeless women)



Guildhouse, Copyright Agency, Artshub, Art Gallery of South Australia, National Association for Visual Arts NAVA



....art cannot be called art if it does not reach into the heart of our culture and initiate transformation
— Joseph Beuys